TFS 2100


Traveling Wave Fault Location System

  • The most accurate overhead transmission and distribution line fault locator
  • Accuracy: ±150m typical regardless the line length
  • Unaffected by fault resistance
  • Suitable for all kind of power lines AC and DC
  • Automatic distance to fault calculation
  • Unlimited number of monitored lines
  • Reduce overhead lines outage time
  • Non intrusive installation
  • Easy to set up
  • Master Station software for distance to fault calculation and analysis
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, Modem and Point to Point connections available

The Traveling Wave Fault Location System TFS 2100 provides accurate fault location solution for transmission and distribution power lines.
The fault distance measurement error is less than ±150m typical regardless of the line length and free from the influence of factors which affect fault location accuracy using traditional impedance methods.
The traveling wave technique can also be used to locate the single phase to ground fault in distribution systems with nonsolidly earthed neutral, which can not be accomplished by any other techniques so far.
The traveling waves based fault location was first proposed in the 1930s and was made practical for field application in 1990s with the availibility of microelectronic-based ultra-high speed data acquisition and time synchronization using GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers.
While the traveling wave fault locator developed in 1950s measures transient voltages using a specially designed capacitor coupler attached to high voltage bus, the modern system measures the transient signals of existing current transformer (CT) secondaries. This makes the system installation very easy and cost effective.


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