2574 R Ballast Analyzers


The 2574R ballast analyzers have been adopted by ballast/lighting manufacturers worldwide because of their greatly enhanced technological capabilities, greatly reduced setup and maintenance requirements, and low cost of ownership.
With the 2574R, up to four tubes and four ballasts can be tested in a fraction of a second for every key parameter, including peak inrush, striking and light efficiency (when used with a light monitor).
With a capacity of 2,000 measurements per second on each of up to 30 signals, the only limitation to testing throughput is the speed of your production line.
The 2574R can be used in stand alone or computer controlled environments. It allows the user to simultaneously measure all pins on all tubes, independent output measurements, 12 voltages and 12 currents, (i.e. independent tube V and I measurement, independent filament V and I, for each tube that is configured). Continuous sampling at up to 2 Msps ensures that even the shortest transient events are measured.

  • Displays all relevant ballast input/output measurements on a single screen
  • Completely tests a ballast in less than 100 ms
  • Fully automatic ballast start-up and tube striking detection
  • Results displayed graphically or numerically with down to 1 ms time resolution
  • IEEE488 control of AC sources for single user interface
  • Wide bandwidth, ballast output frequencies to 2 MHz
  • Every signal is monitored continuously with 12-bit, 2 MHz sampling
  • Automatic test sequencing and complete comparison of measurements vs. limits, including selection of different 1500 series load modules and engagement of 1500 series
  • line switch modules

  • No computer or user software required
  • Graphical startup profiling with time sequencing
  • Graphical historical measurements
  • Supports magnetic, instant/rapid start, HID < 5kV pk, compact, high frequency, and hybrid ballasts, plus LED drivers
  • Test Summary Screen designated for the production floor environment, can display either a large PASS/FAIL or, upon query, can show up to 3 pass/fail faults


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