Battery Resistance Tester – IBAR Series

  • Handheld and lightweight device
  • Battery resistance measurement range: 0 – 5 Ω
  • Voltage measurement range: ± 60 V
  • Quickly records and stores internal resistance, float voltage, and inter-cell connection resistance.
  • Auto range mode for automatic detection of resistance range.
  • Support tool during capacity test for cell voltage measurement.
  • Detailed test results analysis using DV-B Win software

The Battery Resistance Tester IBAR is an ideal tool for periodic inspections, maintenance, troubleshooting and performance testing of individual stationary batteries up to 4000 Ah used in critical battery applications. IBAR determines the health of stationary batteries by performing measurements of internal resistance and voltage as well as intercell connection resistance values. Measurements obtained by IBAR, along with cell temperature and specific gravity data can provide detailed analysis and evaluation of overall health of batteries. Readings are taken within two seconds, using the included pin probes.

IBAR allows the user to quickly and easily define upper and lower measurement thresholds or tolerance ranges. During the testing process, measured values are automatically compared to the predefined threshold limits producing a PASS, FAIL or WARNING indication. All the test data is automatically stored in the devices’ internal memory for further analysis. DV-B Win software allows the user to quickly and easily import data in order to compare results and perform detailed trending analysis, and generate reports in different formats, such as .pdf, .doc, and .rtf.


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