Bushing Sensors


Bushing Sensors | Type BAU and BAU-HVCT

Type BAU Bushing Sensors are the industry’s ONLY Bushing Sensor that provides three levels of protection. In addition to comprehensive protection, BAU sensors provide both power frequency and high frequency signals used by Dynamic Ratings, Monitoring Control and Communication (DRMCC) equipment. These signals are used by utilities and industrial customers for monitoring bushing insulation as well as monitoring for partial discharges that may be occurring in a transformer’s bushings or windings.
Bushings are one of the top failure modes for power transformers where over 50% of these failures cause major fires or total transformer destruction.
Use of Dynamic Ratings type BAU sensors can provide the data necessary to ensure “good” readings while providing unmatched protection.


Design Advantages
Globally, Dynamic Ratings has thousands of BAU sensors monitoring customer’s transformers. To accomplish this DR offers over two dozen standard bushing sensor designs and can design and build new models within several weeks to accommodate customers demanding applications.


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