Coil Tester & Power Supply Units

  • Lightweight – only 10,60 kg
  • Powerful – up to 40 A
  • Voltage 10 V to 300 V DC
  • Voltage 10 V to 250 V AC
  • Minimum Trip Voltage test
  • Output protection
  • Fully automatic operation

Powerful DC and AC power supply for a circuit breaker test
The Coil Tester & Power Supply POB series is a powerful tool for testing circuit breakers, where the substation battery is not connected or available. It operates the circuit breaker coils and spring charging motors as a part of commissioning and maintenance testing.
The POB series generates true DC (ripple free) or AC voltage and can also be used to test a minimum trip voltage of the circuit breaker coils. The output voltage is selectable from 10 V to 300 V DC or from 10 V to 250 V AC.
POB device series are powerful and a versatile units which, at 230 V mains supply, are capable of generating on its Motor output the initial current of 40 A as well as the continuous DC currents as presented in Duty cycle table below.
The set is equipped with thermal and over-current protection. The POB series is easy to use and has the accessory cable-set with touch-proof contacts. Thanks to a proprietary hardware and software solution, it is capable of canceling electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in HV electric fields.


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