DR-C50 Series


User configurable solution for Transformer Monitoring, Control and Communication

Features & Benefits

  • RC TM Technology
  • Making C50 the industry’s easiest device for OEMs or End Users to deploy.
  • Scalable Hardware Platform
  • Supports Numerous Applications for
  • Cooling Monitoring and Control
  • OLTC Monitoring
  • Voltage Monitoring and Control
  • Annunciator Functions
  • Multiple Secure Communication Options
  • 24/7 Continuous Monitoring

The DR-C50 Series (C50) Transformer Monitor can detect changes in oil temperature, windings, OLTC, insulation, and cooling systems.
The C50 is capable of cooling and voltage control.
C50 provides 24/7 continuous monitoring of operational and performance data to provide early and accurate indication of the location, type, and rate at which asset operating conditions are changing.
The C50 with RC TM Technology is easy to use. This technology enables customers to easily configure a system for their unique application, rapidly present data, notices, or alarms via a Web Dashboard, or Graphical User Interface allowing for rapid access and visualization of collected data.
C50 Series Monitors are compact and rapidly configured – the best value in transformer monitoring to date!


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