The new generation of advanced three phase relay test set

  • Testing all relay technologies: electromechanical, solid state, numerical and IEC61850
  • Local control with color display
  • Simultaneously available: 3 Current and 3 Voltage plus 1 battery simulator outputs
  • High current outputs: 3 x 32 A, 1 x 96 A
  • High power outputs: 3 x 420 VA, 1 x 1000 VA
  • High accuracy outputs: better than 0.05%
  • Optional IEC 61850 protocol interface
  • USB and Ethernet interface
  • Pen drive interface
  • Optional internal GPS and IRIG-B interface for end-to-end tests
  • Optional PC control using TDMS – Advanced Test and Data Management software
  • Complete library of relays from the major manufacturers
  • Highest quality, safety and reliability
  • Worldwide high quality technical support in 100 countries

DRTS 33 is the leading edge most powerful and accurate relay, energy meters (class 0.1) and transducers test set manufactured by ISA. The locally controlled test set generates high precision (0.05% accuracy) signals using multiple DSP technology.
Its powerful current outputs (3 x 32 A at 430 VA) and voltage outputs (3 x 300 V at 100 VA) allow to test any type of relays including old electromechanical relays.
Optionally the test sets integrate the IEC 61850 protocol interface for testing relay with Ethernet-based substation communication protocol.

DRTS 33 can be operated directly from the front panel by means of a large color graphical display, a rotary selector, a keypad and function keys.
DRTS 33 can be upgraded to be controlled by PC, using the software suite TDMS – Test & Data Management Software.
Two PC interfaces, USB and Ethernet, allow to control the test set with the advanced testing software TDMS.
TDMS software is a powerful software package for testing
Protective relays, Watt-hour meters, Transducers and Power quality meters, in transmission, distribution and power generation. TDMS provides data management for acceptance and maintenance testing activities.


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