Engineered to order solutions for Transformer Monitoring, Control and Communication

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible & Modular Hardware Platform
  • Engineering Support
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Superior Sensor Designs
  • Strategic Asset Management Software

Dynamic Ratings advanced design and precisely implemented transformer monitoring, control and communication systems provide users with many benefits.
• Reliability Improvement
With improved on-line condition based data, users receive condition based alarms when problems first arise allowing problems to be detected early and appropriate actions to be taken before problems escalate.
• Maintenance Savings
The advanced analytics within the monitoring system filters through the condition data to automatically identify issues requiring maintenance attention. This allows the Operations & Maintenance crews to focus on resolving problems rather than consuming resources to manually collect data for off-line condition assessment and provide an optimal platform for condition based maintenance.
• Realizing True Capacity
The real-time measurement of operational parameters allows the dynamic rating of the transformer to be determined and optimal performance realized.


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