GIC-4 | Geomagnetic Induced Current Sensor

The substation hardened GIC-4 sensor is offered in fixed, split, and dual sensing cabinet packaging specifically designed for the measurement of Geomagnetic Induced Currents (GIC) in the transformer neutral ground connection. Split core models allow for rapid installation in energized applications.
Transformers at risk from GIC include:

  • High voltage
  • Grounded wye
  • Autotransformers
  • Y – Y
  • Transformers interconnected with long transmission lines

GIC Sensors provide a means to sense, measure and communicate DC ground currents in harsh utility environments.


Features & Benefits
Ease of Installation
Fixed core sensors are ideal for new installations.
A large inner diameter (10.16 cm / 4 in. I.D.) conductor opening allows installation onto bus bars or round conductors.
The split core sensors allow the sensor to be installed on both new or existing transformer neutral ground connections without modification or the need to disconnect the ground. In most applications, the sensor can be installed while the transformer is energized.
A dual sensing cabinet model features a stainless steel enclosure and two installed sensors, allowing for rapid field installation.
Each sensor includes a type C conduit body and 1/2″ NPT fitting for access to the conduit system for inspection, wire pulling and maintenance.
Sensors are constructed of a UV-resistant material for direct installation around a conductor without the need for a separate enclosure.


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