Portable Test To Limits System


The Test to Limits system was designed around the 2801/2802 Advanced Single and Dual-Channel Power Analyzers as they incorporate the ideal combination of precision, speed and ease-of-use in a power analyzer.


With an extended measurement range from micro-amps to hundreds of amps and millivolts to kilovolts, the 2801/2802 is the ideal analyzer for LED, power supply, efficiency, standby power or ENERGY STAR testing. In addition to numerical results, the 2801/2802 analyzer captures waveforms with true 512-point precision. Power and amplitude measurements with an accuracy of <0.1% are automatically synchronized to the fundamental frequency. Peak, RMS, rectified, and DC measurements of voltage, current and power are provided including continuous, inrush, startup and history modes, plus an integration mode for W-Hr, A-Hr, VA-Hr, as well as integrated average power. The XiTRON XT9812 and XT9812B series programmable DC electronic loads are a new generation product designed to test LED drivers, power supplies or battery development. A special circuit that emulates an LED has been designed within the XT9812 series to support LED Driver applications. The XT9812 series have wide application from production lines for solid state lighting, cell phone chargers, cell phone batteries, electronic vehicle batteries, switching power supplies, linear power supplies, and LED drivers. The Test to Limits system uses the PCR-500M Series which is a 500VA AC power supply with the ease of a variable auto transformer or an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and the usefulness of a multifunctional AC power supply. The Test to Limits system can be used by lighting manufacturers/designers, research institutes, automotive electronics, aeronautics and astronautics, maritime, solar cell fuel, cell test and measurement applications.


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