Surveyor Distributed Digital Fault Recorder

  • Complete Transient Fault Recording and Analysis
  • Long Term Phasor Recording
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Continuous Recording Complies with
    – NERC – PRC-002-1
    – NERC – PRC-018-1
  • Remote Input communication up to 1500 meters using multi-mode 62.5/125 fiber optic cable.

The Surveyor Distributed Recording System employs the same Microsoft Windows 7® operating system as the E-MAX DII DFR. This system features complete Transient and Long-Term Phasor Data Recording, Analysis, and Transmission. The new E-MAX DFR has a maximum capacity of 64 Analog and 128 Digital remotely connected channels. The main hardware components, the Analog and Event Input Cards and the Interface Card, of the Distributed System are identical to those found in the DII DFR.
The networking capabilities of Windows 7® operating system provide the power and capacity to monitor and collect data from other substation equipment. The TCP/IP addressing and data handling also allow communications with a Master Station and other devices. Just like the E-MAX DII system, the Distributed Recording System includes complete remote control.


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