UMT540 / MT540


Multifunction Transducer

  • Voltage and current auto range measurements up to 600VL-N, 12.5A
  • Wide measurement frequency range 16 – 400 Hz
  • Power accuracy class 0.2 (IEC-688), 0.1 on communication
  • Up to three independent communication ports (Serial, Ethernet and USB communication)
  • Remote display
  • Up to four I/O modules (analogue in/out, pulse in/out, digital in/out, alarm out, tariff in)
  • Powerful analogue out; 6 voltage and current ranges, non-linear characteristics…

(U)MT540 are intended for measuring and monitoring single-phase or three-phase electrical power network. They measure RMS value by means of fast sampling of voltage and current signals, which makes instruments suitable for acquisition of transient events. A built-in microcontroller calculates measurands (voltage, current, frequency, energy, power, power factor, THD phase angles, etc.) from the measured signals.


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