Universal Power Meter

  • Simultaneous measurement of several quantities (U, I, P, PF, …)
  • Energy meter, class 1,0 in compliance with EN 61036
  • Single phase and three-phase connection
  • Microprocessor control
  • Programmable current and voltage transformer ratios
  • LCD display
  • Pulse output (option)
  • Housing for DIN rail mounting
  • Protective cover for terminals

The WS0203 meter is used for measuring power, energy and other quantities in single phase and three-phase systems. It is built to be fastened to DIN EN 50022 standard guides.
The meter is microprocessor controlled. Measuring results are displayed on an LCD consisting of 2 lines with 16 characters. The keyboard with 4 keys is used for selection of measured quantities on a display. Regarding the built-in devices at monitoring the power system the meter can be adapted to the applied measuring transformers via a keyboard.
The meter with an built-in pulse output is designed for sending data to the devices for checking and monitoring consumed energy. Such meters are suitable for control and monitoring of power systems.


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