DAC-LFM-3 – Low Frequency C and Tan δ Meter


Model DAC-LFM-3 is designed to measure tan δ and capacitance of test samples by making use of a built-in very-low frequency power source.
Measurement of tan δ and electrostatic capacity using a very-low frequency of 0.1 Hz or 0.01 Hz provides accurate results for test samples that are large in electrostatic capacity, such as power cables.
This instrument can be used for various applications at low cost: Precise moisture content control for the purpose of quality assurance of oil-filled cables and mineral insulated cables; failure point identification of optical fiber submarine cables; and insulation diagnosis of commercial frequency power cables.


Drying process control of oil-filled or mineral insulated cables
Failure point identification of optical fiber submarine cables
Insulation diagnosis of commercial frequency power cables

Full digital processing using a 32-bit MPU
Comfortable operation with a TFT LCD and a touch keyboard
Built-in very-low frequency power source
Compact and lightweight
USB interface equipped standard


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