Advanced Stand-alone Tester for Insulation Assessment of Motor / Generator / Transformer

This instrument is a standalone and portable AC insulation test system containing a built-in high-voltage testing power supply. Simplified and automated operation and wiring are realized, and the time needed for setting and measurement can be greatly reduced, strongly supporting on-site measurements.



  • A portable instrument equipped with casters, perfect for on-site measurements.
  • This instrument has a built-in testing power supply, and is easy to carry and wire, enabling quick setup for measurement.
  • This instrument adopts a high-voltage CT method, and provides highly reliable measurements without being affected by stray current in grounding.
  • A selector for UST (ungrounded specimen test), GST (grounded specimen test), and GSTg (grounded specimen test with guard) connections is equipped for automatic measurement without the need for rewiring.
  • Can be applied to the testing of a transformer with tertiary winding.
  • Functions of induction elimination (Induced Interference Suppression) and polarity switching are incorporated, being advantageous for on-site measurements that are prone to inductive interference.
  • Insulating oil measurement mode and inductance measurement mode are available.


  • Both performance test and maintenance test of power transformers
  • Best for shipping test of vehicle motors and for overhaul-pertinent tests


  • Power Transformer
  • Power Cable
  • Generator, Motor, Coil, Coil Bar
  • Power Capacitor, Insulator, Bushing
  • Insulation Oil and Materials


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