Direct Reading Iron Loss Tester – Model : DAC-IR-3


DAC-IR-3 is designed to measure electromagnetic steel sheet for Core Loss. Compared with a conventional Epstein Testing Method, DAC-IR-3 is easier and also saves time.
DAC-IR-3 provides a Direct Reading of Core Loss in W/kg or W/lb from a single sheet sample.
RS232C Interface is equipped as standard and can be controlled by Personal Computer. Besides, measured results can be printed with an optional thermal printer.


By placing a U-shaped yoke, which is wound with an exciting coil and a magnetic flux detection coil, on a test sample, a magnetic path is formed. When the sectional area of the U-shaped yoke’s magnetic path is sufficiently larger than that of the sample, and impressing a voltage to the exciting coil effects excitation, the loss calculated by multiplying the current flowing in the exciting coil by the voltage generated in the flux detection coil can be considered the loss within the sample.
This tester adjusts the flux density of the sample automatically for measurement and gives a direct readout of iron loss value, simply by using selector switches to set the sheet thickness and flux density measurement desired.


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