Precision- Power- Calibration- System PPCS


The new ZERA single phase precision power calibration system PPCS is developed for the traceable calibration of measuring instruments for active-, reactive and apparent power and has a great importance for national metrology institutes.
The new ZERA precision power calibration system PPCS generates sinusoidal voltage and current with adjustable phase shifts of 0° to ±180° in the technical frequency range up to 60Hz.
The stable displaying and highly precise measurement of active-, reactive and apparent power is possible for free selectable power factors with a standard measuring uncertainty of < 10 ⋅ 10-6 (related to the nominal value of the apparent power) by frequencies from 162/3Hz to 60Hz.


Capability characteristics

  • Highly precise current-, voltage-, and power calibration
  • Simple traceability to national standards
  • High measuring stability by using of many years approved ZERAcomponents.
  • High repetition accuracy of the measured values
  • Smallest measurement deviations of <10 ⋅ 10-6


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