TDX 5000 – Power Factor and Capacitance diagnostic system for power apparatus

  • Fully automatic
  • Tan Delta, capacitance, dissipation factor measurements and excitation current test
  • Variable output frequency: 1 – 500 Hz
  • Output voltage: from 12 V up to 12 kV
  • Local control with a large graphic display
  • PADS – Power Apparatus Diagnostic Software for automatic testing, assessment and report
  • USB interface and Ethernet interface for PC connection
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Patented technology for capacitance and Tan Delta measurement.

TDX 5000 equipment performs the measurement of the Tan Delta, of the dissipation factor and of the capacitance of a transformer or of any device, at the frequency of the mains or in a wide frequency range. The measurement is performed by patented technology.
TDX 5000 measurement circuitry incorporates a reference high voltage capacitor, rated 200 pF, with a Tan Delta better than 0.005%, and a reference resistor bridge, with accuracy better than 0.01%, and thermal drift less than 1 ppM/°C. The patented circuitry and the variable frequency output make test results immune from external noise.
Available test selections:

  • Ungrounded: UST-A; UST-B; UST A+B
  • Grounded: GST; GSTg-A; GSTg-B; GSTg-A+B.

TDX 5000 is powered by an internal voltage generator with electronic control.


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