Three-Phase Transformer Demagnetizer DEM60C

  • Fully automatic demagnetization
  • Demagnetization currents 5 mA – 60 A DC
  • Demagnetization progress graph
  • Automatic discharging circuit
  • Lightweight – 13,1 kg / 28.8 lbs

DEM60C is a three-phase, fully automatic test set specially designed for transformer demagnetization. Transformer magnetic core demagnetization requires alternating current applied with magnitude decreasing to zero. DEM60C provides this alternating current by internally changing the polarity of a controlled DC current. During the demagnetization process the instrument supplies the current at decreasing magnitude for an each step, following a proprietary software solution. DEM60C is based on a state of the art technology, using the most advanced technique available today. The test set can be used to demagnetize single-phase and three-phase transformers.
For a three-phase operation, the instrument is connected to all the three phases of a transformer to be demagnetized. If specific vector diagrams are selected for different types of transformers, DEM60C will run a specific demagnetization procedure for each transformer type (i.e., single phase, delta, wye/star, zig-zag.) without a need to switch the test hookup cables.


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