WQ0207 Panel Mounted kwh Meters


• Energy meter, Class 1 (EN 61036)
• Single phase or three phase connection
• 7 -digit cyclometer register
• 90° Analogue pointer meter of power or power factor
• Microprocessor control
• Simultaneous measurement of two quantities
• Exchangeable scale
• Relay outputs
• Standard 96 x 96 mm DIN case
• Protective cover for terminals (optional)


WQ0207 meters are intended for energy measurement in single phase or three phase systems, class 1 (EN 61036).
They are built into a standard 96×96 mm DIN case. The meter is microprocessor controlled. Energy is displayed with 7-digit electromechanical register which retains the value also in case of auxiliary power supply failure. The instrument can be adapted to the applied current measuring
transformers. Two instrument versions enable not only energy measurement but also simultaneous analogue display of momentary power value (active or reactive) or a power factor.
Single phase and three phase meters with optionally built in relay output are designed to send data directly to microprocessor based equipment which can be programmed to control and save energy. Meters with relay outputs are suitable for a wide range of applications including: energy management systems, maximum demand recorders, etc.


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