C & tanδ Automatic Measuring Set Model : DAC-ASM-7


Generator, Motor, Cable, Transformer, Capacitor, Insulating Materials


  • Capacitance : 0.1nF~10μF Test Voltage AC100V~12kV
  • Internal Standard Capacitor (CT&Cs BOX)
  • Ground Specimen(GST)or Ungrounded Specimen(UST) under test can be selected.
C & tanδ Automatic Measuring Set Model : DAC-ASM-7

DAC-ASM-7 has been designed to perform dielectric dissipation factor (tan δ ) measurement in wide ranges. Capacitance : 100pF~10μF / tanδ : 0~100% Test Voltage can be supplied from AC100V to 12kV. DAC-ASM-7 can measure grounded or ungrounded specimen such as generator, motor, transformer and Insulating Materials precisely with CT & Cs Box built-in High Voltage Current Transformer and Standard Capacitor.


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