Motor Winding Ohmmeter RMO50M

  • Test currents: 5 mA – 50 A
  • Lightweight: 8,0 kg / 17.6 lbs
  • Measurement range: 0,1 μΩ – 1 kΩ
  • Accuracy: 0,1 %
  • Resolution: up to 0,1 μΩ
  • Three resistance measurement channels
  • Automatic discharge circuit

The Winding Ohmmeter RMO50M instrument is a portable instrument designed to measure winding resistance of electrical motors and generators. It is based on the state of the art technology, using the most advanced switch mode technology available today. It is accurate (0,1%), powerful (up to 50 A) and lightweight (8,0 kg / 17.6 lbs). RMO50M generates a true DC ripple free current with automatically regulated measurement and discharging circuit.
The RMO50M instrument can perform a simple, quick, and reliable DC resistance measurement of all types of rotating machine windings. Problems such as a turn-to-turn short circuit in a winding, which reduces a motor / generator’s ability to produce a balanced magnetic field, and a phase-to-phase short circuit, which in most cases results in a motor / generator trip, can be easily detected with this instrument. Additionally, any anomalies of the power_circuit_occurring_downstream_of_the test_lead_connections_will_be_identified_by_a resistance_imbalance.


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